The Power of Presentation – and Membership

Join us Thursday, Oct. 20, for the first professional development luncheon of the year: The Power of Presentation.

PowerPoint may be the standard for professional presentations, but it isn’t the only option. Darren Hertz of Bank of North Dakota will show you how you can enhance your presentations by demonstrating the capabilities of three other popular presentation tools: Nearpod, Kahoot! and Google Slides. Read more and register….


Speaking of powerful things, how about IABC membership? (How do you like that segue?)

Thinking about joining IABC Great Plains? Now’s the time to do it! October is Membership Month. Save 10% on international dues, PLUS the $40 application fee is waived.

Contact any IABC Great Plains board member to hear why local membership is so powerful. Learn more about international benefits on IABC’s membership page.



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