Augmented is the New Reality

From video games and immersive 3D content to video and print design, Augmented Reality allows us to process content in an entirely new way and reshaping the way we connect with information and the world around us.

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Speakers: Ed Sargeant & Jamie Vetter, Agency MABU
Lunch is included.

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Ed Sargeant, Director of Creative Services

Ed Sargeant serves as the Director of Creative Services at Agency MABU. In this capacity, he coordinates efforts with MABU’s designers, programmers, writers, videographers and photographers.



Jamie Vetter, Art & Design Manager

Jamie is the lead graphic designer at MABU and leads in branding and print projects.



Personal Opinions, Professional Collisions

Social media can be a great way to connect with friends and colleagues. You can even use it to boost your career through networking! But, it can also put an end to your career. Amanda Godfread and Hope Sisk, Odney Advertising, will talk about social media pitfalls and how to balance personal opinions and a professional image.

Members: $20
Non-members: $30
Lunch is included.

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Thank you to our sponsor, Odney Advertising.

Amanda Godfread, Director of Strategic Engagement

Amanda uses her dynamic combination of training and experience to give clients the most effective public and media relations services. She has more than 15 years experience in marketing, public and media relations, and public information. From developing big picture strategy to managing details of implementation, she provides top-notch public relations services that help clients garner maximum media coverage. She has a bachelor’s degree in communication from the University of North Dakota.


Hope Sisk, Public Relations Specialist

Hope brings an energetic approach to managing social media and public relations for clients. She is an authentic communicator with a background in TV news, which gives her a rich understanding of how to tell a brand’s story through engagement with the public. She knows how to grab attention and make an impact in a world of ever-evolving trends and platforms. Hope has an Emmy award for her work as a reporter, and is now bringing her expertise in crafting clear messages to our clients. Hope has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo.



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Communicate Stronger 2016

CFYHBIGUkAAL0M8.jpg-largeAre you ready to raise your game when it comes to using technology in your communications and marketing tasks? Well this is the day for you!

We’ll start the morning with a data mining workshop geared at the intermediate and advanced levels, have a bite to eat and finish the day with quick sessions where your colleagues will share how they are implementing technology tools in their workplace. Not only will you walk away with practical information you can apply the next day, but you will enjoy an entire day sharing and laughing with other communication professionals from the area.

So, game on! Register today.







*Please note: If your employer becomes a sponsor, your registration may be free. Check on that before registering!