Meet your board

Professionals from your local community volunteer their time to bring professional development and networking opportunities to you through IABC Great Plains. In return, volunteers get ample opportunity to develop and exercise leadership skills. It’s a great way to meet and work closely with other professionals in your community.

Consider volunteering for the board. We’d love to have you! If you’re interested, please contact Chris Gessele.

Chris Gessele President
Chris Gessele
Basin Electric Power Cooperative
Twitter: @ChrisGessele
President Elect
Jill Beilke
Past President
Erin Huntimer
Basin Electric Power Cooperative
Twitter: @erin_rae
FB_IMG_1443728693004 Professional Development
Annette Willis
Agency MABU
Krista Rausch
Twitter: @Krista_Rausch
Lacey Lange
Bismarck State College