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Looking back on lessons learned

A message from your 2017-2018 chapter president

With summer nearing, the calendar year is only halfway done. Your IABC Great Plains Chapter’s current professional development year, however, is coming to a close. And that means come July, 1 I’ll be transitioning out of the president’s seat and into the role of past-president.

Since I’m a sucker for articles containing lists, and I kicked off the year that way, I think it’s only right that I go that route for my wrap-up column. Here are a few reflections from the 2017-2018 IABC Great Plains year.

  1. I thought I was getting great value out of my membership in past years. NOPE. Board involvement – particularly serving as president-elect and then president – has provided me opportunities to learn and grow that I otherwise never would’ve considered or known existed. If you’re a casual member, great. But if you really want to step up your personal and professional development game, seek a role as board volunteer or board member.
  2. I get a sense that the Great Plains Chapter membership feels invigorated. To thank for that, I look toward the board members and other volunteers with who I have the pleasure of serving. These people are some of the sharpest communicators and most solid people I’ve met. They understand the value IABC provides them and their communications cohorts, and consistently carve time out of their busy lives and workdays to ensure that value is maximized for the membership.
  3. It’s all relevant. Our expiring professional development season was packed with quality programming. And no matter the topic, whether it be a talk regarding hard skills or a presentation more on the softer side, I realized it’s all relevant to my development as a communicator. Listen, and you will learn. Sounds more like a catchphrase to annoy my children as they grow up, but I think it’s fitting for every IABC professional development event I’ve attended. No matter the topic, there’s always something to glean from it.
I hope you’re continuing to utilize some of the excellent resources available to you on to keep learning and growing, and I thank you for your support and engagement throughout this past professional development year. I’m excited to see where this momentum carries the Great Plains Chapter in 2018-2019 and beyond.
Chris Gessele is the 2017-18 IABC Great Plains chapter president.